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Larry Worden, Founder and Principal

Larry Worden is the Principal of IVD Logix, which he founded in 2017. Larry has extensive experience in the field of medical/scientific marketing research, both on the client and consulting side of the business.

  • "As a professional with 40 years of experience, my primary focus is on in vitro diagnostics. Although no longer involved in the day-to-day management of Market Diagnostics International (MDxI), the company I co-founded in 2006, I maintain an ownership interest with exclusive access to MDxI’s IVD Insights™ and IVD LabFile™ databases to serve the needs of our IVD Logix clients."


Prior to starting IVD Logix, Larry co-founded Market Diagnostics International (MDxI), where he was instrumental in developing the IVD Insights and IVD LabFile syndicated databases on in vitro diagnostic testing. These complementary databases deliver comprehensive IVD tracking and segmentation reports for the US market that cover more than 550 analytes across 10 laboratory testing disciplines.

Larry also consulted with MDxI clients in the design and implementation of proprietary international market research studies, coordinated with MDxI’s analytical staff to develop key findings/recommendations, and helped clients integrate these findings into their organizational goals and objectives.

Prior to MDxI, he was a senior consultant and co-founder at CaseBauer & Associates, an international business development and research firm exclusively focused on in vitro diagnostics. He has held senior research positions with Becton Dickinson and Company, AdvaMed, Luning Prak Associates, and IMS Health (now IQVia). 

Over the length of his career, Larry has developed syndicated data services for the clinical diagnostic, diagnostic imaging and medical/surgical markets, has authored numerous regulatory compliance manuals for the diagnostic and medical device industries and served as the biomedical industry liaison to the College of American Pathologists’ Workload Recording Committee. He is a past-President of the Diagnostics Marketing Association (DxMA).  

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